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MINI bag let you light into battle, see fashion fine who are fine bags!

Although the purchase of handbags or buy big classic models of the most cost-effective, but those who once back out of the street hit the pack hit the classic models will occasionally make people feel boring. Summer heat waves are rolling, the thought of carrying in the hot sun is really very expensive at the same time it is really heavy package on the faint headache. In fact, those cute MINI BAG is a must for a summer of a single product Oh!

Decoration is greater than practical
Although the phone gradually become larger, carry makeup makeup and so on, girls really need a Tote bag to carry everything. But like the stars who make life difficult, but have to back a super Mini small package concave shape. Level to practical and convenient for the first principle of the pockets also become a decoration. Yu Bo choose Chanel retro pocket to make its overall shape more modern.

Leandra Medine hands this package is also very powerful, is the architect of the Frank Gehry and LV cooperation models, he put the essence of his architectural style into the bag design, the entire bag lines and faces are distorted, completely not Logical, it seems very free. To an original square of the hard box has become so dynamic, it is a very powerful design! Such a package in his hand even if nothing can be installed is also happy!

Kendall is a mini bag loyal supporters, especially lv this package she is the interpretation of the three look, we can see how deep love Small and delicate this kind of cute awkward really is a big bag can not.

There are super fashionable pockets of beans how will not it, with knitted sweater is the eighties retro girl both view!

In addition to the pockets, in fact, such a clear outline of the box seems to look like a small box, really loaded things will find that when the shape of the package is really very tasteless! The phone a little bigger, the powder is a little thick are not get into the. But the beauty of the girls who manage your practicality, as long as the mix is ​​not enough!

Shape the strange handbag
When many need to "cure" serious patients have been tired of the conventional section of the handbag, this strange handbag began to appear in the street beat. In addition to a variety of strange profile, the different patterns, fabrics, etc. so that the design of handbags have more possibilities.

Pony brother some time ago in the LA street shooting, this Chanel bag on the success of my attention, it has a similar canvas bag shape, but the use of classic fabric is a major highlight of it. Lazy random and have a high degree of identification!

And I love the owner of the savis hands to get this from the Row of silk texture bag is also particularly not to. With the burden of the same appearance, soft fabric texture compared to the box package also has a greater space! Such a package in his hand afraid to hit the package Well!

Drawing rope package is still the trend this year, lazy random appearance in the show also frequently appear!

Straw bag
Straw bamboo basket such a package is really out of this year, a dark horse, more and more fashionable fine into the ranks of straw. Back to nature, really no longer synonymous with the beach. Many of the daily mix are quite useful, orange Jun has also mentioned n times. If you do not really buy it!

Polo shirt with half skirt, very daily because with the straw bag more color, and very interesting!

Colorful bright package
Modeling small Mini bag if the use of God's deep color will appear too mediocre, will pick the tip of the red goods people love the colorful super-mini-package. Those small enough to only hold a few cards a lipstick little bag, chic style reflects the exquisite female. Effort Girl prefer to quietly choose and clothing or other jewelry can play a response to the mini bag to decorate themselves.

Kendall this body is really high degree of recognition, but also with the same color with a good example. Bag and the whole echoes, really is the brightest day in the summer of a touch of yellow!

The last sentence: read is not that the package!