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2017 bag fashion trends - 4 strokes let you pocketed the rate

2017 autumn and winter four fashion week has been perfect ending, as always, over a hundred fashion brand conference new out of the nest, each have the style. Many top brands Christian Dior, Celine, Chloe, Valentino, etc. did not let fans disappointed, once again to create a surprising autumn and winter series. Show the field, in addition to clothing to attract attention to the shape, the hands of the bag to take the same grab the limelight, after all, ladies for the type and practical bags are full of desire.

This year's autumn and winter fashion week, handbags and materials on the color are very interesting, many brands also continued the spring and summer hot handbag life, and now together to see 2017 handbags fashion trend bar.

Autumn and winter bag trend: stacking ride
If you do not want to hit the package, then follow the major brands together to play a stack of bags of the game bar, more than two bags together, do not have some fun. This year's show this bag on the package stack wave also blowing very Sheng, mini wallet take a variety of capacity of the bag, neck bag + hand bag, etc., full of tricks.
Fendi's bag is no mini size, but made the feeling of stacking. Which is a more with a ring buckle, three different size of the bag together, novel and full of personality.
Brain hole open Gucci play on the stack of fun, a series of bags, a code show off their wealth. Messenger, hanging neck type, pockets style have, look at each of them are also remarkable.

Autumn and winter bag trend: double shoulder belt
Double shoulder strap in this year's bag is also very popular elements, if joined the wide shoulder strap even more fashionable, Christian Dior, Fendi have also launched a long shoulder strap staggered bag, both diagonal, can also be used to hand , Whatever you want.

Autumn and winter bag trend: ring elements
Ring elements once launched on the fire to no, whether it is shoes, clothing or bags, with the metal ring on the moment chic up. And this year's popular way to get the bag is to get steady, bracelet design is the most representative of the metal ring. Especially Chloe, simply put the ring play bad, for several quarters of the bag are ring elements dominated.

Autumn and winter bag trend: Big Size package
Large number of handbags a few quarters have been a few popular items, such as Celine tote, the Celine also did not let the melon people disappointed, the new package after another, capacity has been walking "kind" line.

Autumn and winter bag trend: fairy bag
With a variety of fairies, girls wind prevails, of course, bags have to keep up with the rhythm, fairy brand Valentino this season's package is still good to see cry, and fairy and beautiful.