This thousand ladies star with the bag, you must afford it!

Speaking of rich handsome country, then Italy is definitely the first to bear the brunt! On the road encounter high-value handsome ratio of up to 90%. In a beautiful look hot high country, a high value of the birth of the bag is absolutely reasonable!

Furla this from the high value of Italy brand, with sophisticated workmanship and classic style swept the fashion circle. Sitting on the first line of high-value Italian descent light of the first carry the child.

High value and will play Furla season will launch a different material and pattern, can be described as committed to the popular manufacturing.

Fashionable how to heat the case, only a summer bag for the summer can be solved!

Summer is wearing a skirt and cool shorts of the season, simple and lightweight single product to become the favorite of the girls this season, and as a bag of small fairies, in the temperature is too hot weather, how to choose a whole Shape, instant cool sense of doubling the bag is the key!

Summer clothes are mainly cool style, bag naturally can not be too heavy, mini bag, bamboo bag, transparent package, have become the summer bag fashion trends.

Of course, summer summer today will not recommend to you flood the big card red card, but as always recommended some not only in the design of their own unique, the quality is also a good style unique small brand bags. Hope that the little fairies in the summer can use the bags can be different from the elegant temperament!

Many of the background so I recommend bamboo bag, this year must recommend you CULT GAIA home bamboo bag, this summer fashion bloggers almost a man of their home bamboo bag, fresh and simple, as if filled with a whole summer.

Many people afraid to carry bamboo bag with a kind of vegetable basket both visual sense, which is more test with skill, some national wind characteristics of the skirt, or a word design of a single product can control bamboo bag.

Such a fresh Cult Gaia you can think of is from the passion of the Los Angeles brand! In addition to this bamboo shoots a high rate of appearance, there are green and white style, the design is very special, semi-circular outsourcing like Japanese sister will carry the lunch bag, but Baoshen regular gap design and unique art Feeling, michael kors handbags outlet temperament did not lose any big bag!

Jessica Alba, Jenn Lake are lap powder, Simon sister with a piece of wide leg pants with this bag fresh and gas field.

In addition to half a month design style, michael kors purses cheap other bags are also very characteristic, giving a casual and comfortable holiday feel.

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