2018 spring and summer key single product: men bag

Choice in today has long been commonplace, bag size and style have a variety of options, from the ultra-small technology package to the portable bag, their size and appearance is not only practical, but also very personal. For men to provide consumers with a lot of choices, almost to meet the preferences of each. The rise of modular bags and deformable bags is unstoppable
Sports detail is still important, including webbing and clipping. Pull rope, buckle, waterproof zipper is equally important
Leather and canvas and other printing materials to help create a single product personality
Street-style modeling and holiday style dress are still important

Shopping bags become men's explosion, this season is a popular theme among the world's travelers, new technology details and a large number of folk patterns. Lanvin uses a ribbon shoulder strap and elastic rope; Paul Smith uses 3D pockets and eye-catching zippers. In addition, the same color or eye-catching contrast details are also important.

Whether it is the use of soft leather production, or with smooth technology nylon production, backpack and more use of large design, showing soft collapse shape. From the pursuit of outdoor activities, the style and the season's most popular decoration is very contrast: buckle fabric strap, and waterproof zipper. Mesh detail and striping are also key to building a modular single product.

Street mounted swept the bag to continue popular. Made of high-grade leather, and with clothing to create fashion modeling Messenger bag is the most popular, this style has great potential to rise to the luxury market. Texture skins and dark high-grade synthetic fabrics are very important, the use of ribbon shoulder strap or with cloth shoulder strap, metal accessories are mostly silver.

Suitable for loading expensive technology products of small single product to become the key, a variety of materials to create dynamic luxury design. The first trend of outdoor modeling means heavy claws, metal holes, ribbon is the key. Kenzo with bright color exotic skins emphasize fun; GCDS emphasizes retro style.

Deformation of the bag in line with consumer expectations, the consumer's wardrobe unprecedented enhancements, through the volume, buckle, zipper, buckle change out of other modeling bag popularity soared. Backpack can be turned into a shopping bag, portable bag can become a camping backpack, bag type has been difficult to locate, functional nylon or luxury leather made of the bag is particularly the case.

Pockets in the fashion market and luxury markets have a lot of innovation space, with high-level fabric production. Through the back of the eighties and nineties, the charm of the pockets is not only retro this point. In fact, enough to make it stable in the ranks of the trend. The zipper pocket is important, but the buckle and lengthen the pull ring can also be designed for extra points.

There are taste and very classic, this elegant and elegant weekend bags have plenty of space. Luxury leather upgrade simple style, contrast color or fabric splicing to give a single product appearance. Mostly for the double handle handle with shoulder strap style, the use of mesh cotton or matching leather as a trim.

Flat leather handbag to make vacation modeling more complete. These simple single product using dark blue, black, brown color; more stylish single product is used pattern edge, printing, inlaid design. Wristbands are very common, so that online communication of active men always leave electronic equipment and other essential goods.

In many slightly different styles, the practical elements of these large packages are obvious. Choose a variety, in addition to the optional style, there are a lot of fabric to choose from, from the woven nylon woven cloth to exotic skins and printing leather, everything. Bulky metal accessories emphasize the masculine tone of these portable luggage bags.

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