Marc Jacobs launched a new mini bag - a total of three colors

August 15, a lot of people may have little understanding of Marc Jacobs, in fact, this is a from the United States, "the fashion industry old urchin" in the last century launched a personal name of the brand series. Jacobs with life to experience the design, with the design to reflect the life, in his design, both a street artist atmosphere and aristocratic yuppie style makes Marc Jacobs brand as a star and fashion youth sought after fashion trends The

Mark Jacques cloth in this year for us to bring a simple style of the bag, a total of three colors of the bag. Respectively, brown, blue and green, and khaki. Mark's design style more performance for the "Ronin fashion", he designed the products are free to mix and match, different styles for people to bring a different sensory experience. This brown bag with the classic style of color, so more wild features.

Blue and green bags, in the cold color of the blue is more cold, with green tones, but it seems a trace of rebellious, as if in the challenge. The letter of the front of the bag is also very simple, in line with the simple design features bag.

The back of the bag did not design any pattern or accessories, so that the bag is more simple. In the bag of the zipper is also only a similar to the floral decoration, Mark design has never been from the simple, generous this theme.

Bag zipper out of fine workmanship, in the corner at the round corner of the way, not to draw people, but also increase the service life of the zipper. Zipper only designed a small accessories, to the overall bag as the crowning touch.

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