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Girls for the choice of the bag is never the end, and now men have embarked on this no end of the road of no return! Different times the boys for the choice of bags increasingly diverse, and has long been not limited to the backpack or messenger bag, more fashionable models become a new generation of popular single product, such as hand bag! Has become one of the highest sales of the major brands, but you really know how to choose the clutch?

Observe a man's taste from the details of a watch, a pair of shoes, a cufflinks, these are the decision to taste the little secret, in addition to those, the choice of bags absolutely can not be ignored. And the clutch is able to become the best point of suction dress, there are many mistakes in choosing bags, you are a good selection of men, the wrong election that is the soil male.

First of all, say how to choose the style. There are many styles of handbag, it is recommended that friends starting buying it do not choose too complicated models, simple and neat design will never go wrong, B --- U --- T I said the neat is not the meaning! Unless you are over 65 years old, or really do not recommend that you spend money on this!

Size is very important, too small hands hold bag that does not really look good! The following are worth a good choice for investment, whether it is size or contour for all boys. Do not choose too thick design, thin and light is the key to the boys holding the package fashion, after all, if you really have a lot of things to bring that it is recommended that you are in exchange for a shoulder bag!

With a small design is more interesting, but this package is also very picking. Choose this design sense of the bag must be considered with the whole body, do not wear shirt shorts when taking this package, or will be very funny! With this package, the most insurance to wear is a formal point.

And then, talk about the color of the choice, the color side can be bold, summer, you are not always addicted to dark lines, choose some fresh color, if you choose a bright color as simple as possible to wear easily, or will be fancy. As long as you dare to take, dazzling cortex and color can plus points a lot for overall shape.

Looking back over the past few years the T station, the design has been in the bag on the big fuss, whether it is color or material are breaking the traditional male package of the frame, avant-garde outline and details now are not out.

Spring and summer this year, the major brands are still constantly updated, so that boys get more rich package. In the face of such a design, some people may think that a little "mother", saying that the boys back to the package for the mother or not does depend on the way to take, rather than the style. The most simple and rude way that is "one to seize" handsome and chic to hold it, which is all boys favorite way to get packages. The use of wrist joints will easily hold up the bag, the natural fall of the arm will make you look like a mature atmosphere, but remember that the bag is too much stuff, or handy. About 5 cm under the armpit of the bag on the chest, then the elbow slightly bent, with the way to hold the bag! This is also the most common street tricks! The above three strokes is the most common and most easy fashionable way to get packages, has told you how to choose the package and how to take the package, this summer is the time to make you fashion!

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