Michael Kors Fashion China Year: Most in New Year bags here!

In the fashion industry, the major brands have also in their own form, to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In the Michael Kors Paris boutique, everywhere shining with Chinese red and gold. Yes, we are about to celebrate the Chinese New Year, all the blessings can be converted into gifts, we donate each other, but also harvest blessings - this is the New Year in our special significance. The finish of fashion is not a brisk bag! Handbags as our indispensable fashion weapons, but also as a new year gift of choice. There is no doubt that the occasion to buy a bag of the United States and the United States is my new year!

No brand will be like Michael Kors to play endless creativity to celebrate the Chinese festival, in Michael Kors Paris Saint Honoré St. Honore Road and Le Marais Mahe District boutique, filled with a thick festive atmosphere. From January 23 to February 2, guests who are spending on the store will receive a lucky red envelope containing a small prize, or a coin purse, or 10% discount on the next purchase (online Or boutique), or a personal design experience experience. In Paris Saint Honoré boutiques are more colorful and fun. From 27th to 29th, guests will be invited to participate in their handicraft special event, from Michael Kors Chinese New Year series to draw inspiration, hands to create rooster and feather shape of paper handicrafts.
I am completely in love with the Michael Kors Chinese New Year special series of six baby. Cherry red and gold combination, it is the next year's lucky single product! Come and join me to start Michael Kors' New Year tour! Maybe we are used to shopping at any time on the Internet easily, but nothing can go to a boutique like to buy their favorite products, like, feel the luxury and thoughtful shopping experience. Take a look at Michael Kors this year's Chinese New Year.

Michael Kors Scout cherry color medium leather camera bag € 350
This retro camera bag is as delicate as the front seats of Fashion Week. MichaelKors in the design of this camera bag reference Fuji's InstaxMini shape. But it is not a real camera bag, but the reference to the shape of the camera bag does not require the camera, you can always put this lovely bag back on the shoulder. These side bags are not used to install retro film, but for you to prepare the lipstick, change or other small things place ~

Michael Kors Ginny Cherry Messenger Bag (Medium) € 195
If you are a practical girl, love freedom, like portable and can pack, you will love this. Sparrow is small, five internal organs complete, Ginny meet what you need, can be messenger can be portable, beautiful leather pendant and chain leather handle, the details of the full score.

Michael Kors Mercer Light Gold Leather Handbag (Large) € 350
Whether it's a daily outbound or a business meeting or a cocktail party, this versatile handbag can show your elegance and the atmosphere at all times. Large capacity Mercer can easily put down your working files. When you put it in your elbow, instant gas field full open. Golden color is sparkling love, coupled with hair ball ornaments, the effect is better Oh

Michael Kors Jet Set Light Gold Messenger / Handbag (Large) € 175
When a clutch becomes a messenger bag, you will have a special bonus - a perfect combo combination. This is almost an irresistible single product in any wardrobe - because it helps you with any style of clothes and occasions. You can with the weekend casual wind can also go to work and perhaps light chic sports wind. If you are looking for a minimalist package, then it is your first choice.

Michael Kors Cherry Blonde Keychain € 60
Cute and furry to please the texture, this naughty hair ball is simply the most Meng Meng's small fortune! With it, your whole person becomes cute and soft. You can be fixed to your hair bag or backpack, this little cute will add much for your bag.

Michael Kors Mercer cherry phone bag (large) € 110
When the phone shell has become an irresistible fashion trend, which is now you must get a single product. When you need to travel lightly, just need to bring your cell phone, cosmetics and credit card, a simple chic phone case handbag can come in handy, multi-function mobile phone package is undoubtedly a new classic.

Come and Michael Kors Paris and Paris sweetheart to celebrate China! Activity time: from January 23 to February 2, Paris sweetheart wish you in the purchase of the favorite New Year bag at the same time, you can harvest the amazing good luck red envelopes Oh! A limited number of first-come-first-served basis, what are you waiting for?

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