Vacation series bags look ahead, the package has been released, do not start to prepare?

Today, small tape with you look at the holiday series show big bags are long how

Chanel The theme of the early spring vacation series chose the origin of literature and beauty - ancient Greece
In the Grand Palace in Paris reconstruction of the Greek ruins, models are also all incarnation for the Greek goddess
In order to meet this theme, many packages in the details of the design are also very "ancient Greece"
A variety of bunches of the vase package is the new holiday package design
There are sizes to choose from
Very suitable for carrying a beach vacation

Gabrielle purse mouth in the show also appeared on the show
As well as the shape of the bag is like a bag, also belong to the appearance of small but can install the package type
The owl is the Greek god of birds, it is a symbol of wisdom in Greek mythology
Envelope bag color is very special
Entry-level 11.12 in the holiday series into a knitting section, retain the classic prototype at the same time become more light
Bunny shoulders

Louis Vuitton2018 early spring vacation series is in Kyoto, Japan, Nicolas Kyoto to the natural landscape for the inspiration of the pattern, Kyoto days, trees, water through art, abstract approach to become a tapestry, embroidery patterns
The color of the handbag "grimace", is the Japanese designer Yamamoto Katsuya (KansaiYamamoto) works, which Louis Vuitton new partner
He designed for this series of kabuki, warrior pattern, as always colorful with a strong taste of the East
In addition to hand-held, but also the style of Messenger
With a lock decorated lanterns handbag also appears to be very unique
Carrying a vacation to the beach must be pulling the wind, or at home when the decoration is also a good choice
"Grimace" and a small hard box together, it is interesting

Dior this holiday series of large show in the desert, the designer will be a lot of earth color and desert style into the design
To Lasco cave fresco pattern as a source of inspiration, showing the wild and yet soft image of the western girl
A variety of desert patterns appear in the package design
Full of rich ethnic customs
Classic chain is essential
Fur tassel with national customs of the wide shoulder strap, creating a kind of unruly wild beauty

Prada this holiday series show is selected in the most beautiful shopping center in Milan, the overall feeling more romantic, this is the first time for Prada for its early spring vacation series held independent walking show
Can get the mini version of the "diary" it bag looks more interesting
There are more fancy style
Classic black and white is wild and practical
Big logo style
Mini size looks more Meng
Printing style
Simple black briefcase is also true

After reading the above four holiday packages have not been attracted?

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