Michael Kors camera bag design also Kazakhstan, the new bag carrying Korean culture stunning stunning, Christmas back body is simply fashionable to fly!

Michael Kors is pleased to announce the launch of the Korea-limited SCOUT camera package, launched at Seoul's flagship store to celebrate the grand opening of the flagship store.

South Korea limited the camera package perfect blend of MICHAEL KORS design concept and Korean characteristics of culture, together with metal stars decorated on the bag above, and there are 6 different cartoon decorative stickers available for selection, in the full display of Korean popular culture at the same time , To provide customers with an exclusive opportunity to design their own camera bag.

MICHAEL KORS hands with Korean popular model Irene Kim shooting video blockbuster, fashionable Irene Kim personally DIY DIY SCFE camera bag, walking in Seoul street alleys, blowing the Korean culture and brand JET SET life concept in the The perfect presentation in the video.

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