Clothes and bags have to share: is the real or false demand

In the share of bicycles, rechargeable treasure and other share of the economy under the outlet, sharing clothes, sharing bags and other projects are in the name of "sharing". Such as the sharing clothes brand that has clothes two three, the goddess school, multi-lap dream, beautiful rent, etc, including IDG capital, latitude and longitude China, Jinsha River venture capital, michael kors outlet bags Junlian capital and other first-line investment institutions looming as a promoter. And shared bag items have shaking bags and so on. Similar to the pattern of shared bikes and chargers, the nature of such shared projects is leasing. And in the sharing of umbrellas, charging treasure now has been half dead, whether shared clothes and bags can be done?

Whether sharing clothes and bags can not be done, the key is to see the category, whether it is able to meet the user fragmentation of the time just need or daily necessities of a pain point. Sharing bike, mini KTV, shared massage chair can basically reach this condition.

And shared clothes, bags and other categories of a common feature is to meet people's conspicuous vanity. Of course, many people have this kind of vanity, michael kors bags outlet for many beauty of the female consumers, they always feel that the wardrobe need more small pieces of clothing. So sharing the clothes is also the main demand for this part of the user.

First said to share the bag. For shared bags, if you want to show off the property, you may need partial luxury properties, shared rental platform "shake bag" can be considered this type. The platform announced in June this year, won the Falcon venture capital seed round and A shares of small plates listed companies co-founder of the angel round total of 10 million yuan of financing.

But if the partial luxury properties, it means that the cost of investment is huge, and back to the cycle is very long, the user group of small minority. Investors who share a bag say that women who love fashion spend tens of millions to buy an item that uses shelves after two to three months. The shared leasing separates between the right to use and the ownership. This is the meaning of the share economy.

Obviously, investors do not want to know what the audience is? How is the conclusion made? Women loving the fashion spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a use of two to three months after the shelves, michael kors handbags outlet online this view should be more investors only wishful thinking.

Of course, we can not deny that this group of women is there, but it is clear that the group is not the mainstream, but the description shows that the income of this female group should be a lot of money, and for high income love women, they generally pursue the desire to buy and possess, because the sharing of bags will bring a lot of cleaning and health problems, and more likely to depreciate, which is clearly not high-income groups to pursue higher material needs of women, for this class of women, Generally reluctant to share with other people.

On the other hand, the bag is a fast consumer fashion products, due to the fast iterative characteristics of fashion products, its popular and outdated time difference is relatively short. And the old luxury bags will generally be a substantial discount clearance processing. If a lot of luxury bags in the lease period did not return to this, michael kors factory outlet online but many luxury bags have been out of the new, then the probability of sharing the old package will quickly decline.

Clothes are even more so, high income groups tend to spend most of the economy, but also have some economic capacity, disdain to share with other clothes, more worried about the risk of infection and other diseases, and relatively low income groups will of course have this consideration, but also despise rent expensive. But for the category of clothes, in some cases, the demand for leasing is established.

Such as participation in important meetings, evening parties, receptions, celebrations, performances and other special occasions under the special needs of people in this special or relatively very formal occasions, the need for relatively high quality dress or dress or even show clothing and so on, people in this case tend to have the demand for rental clothes, but this dress is usually not very wear, special occasions will choose. Therefore, the demand for leasing rather than buying may be stronger. Wearing clothes may be shared in the name of the lease or can hit some people's pain points. The US rent rental website was built in 2009. The main rental is a high-level dress and other occasions wearing, including 50,000 sets of skirts, 10,000 pieces of jewelry and handbags and other accessories, customers can use 150 dollars to rent $ 1,700 retail dress skirt. On December 27, 2016, Rent the Runway announced that it had raised $ 60 million in the round of financing, and so far the total financing has been as high as $ 190 million.

Another situation is the price of relatively expensive luxury clothes to share, in the country, for the preference for luxury clothes but the economic affordability of consumers, if you have the opportunity to contact more luxury brand clothing, can be considered to update consumer demand for the pursuit of a decent life, but from the current overall situation of national economic income and high prices, both the largest low-income class and the middle class are subject to greater living and working pressure, the lease Luxury clothing demand is not particularly strong, it may only meet the needs of small groups, but not the pain of the mainstream users, which is not enough to support a large enough market.

But if only ordinary bags, clothes, etc, people who really like it, will buy it, instead of leasing. After all, in the trend of consumer upgrades, michael kors outlet store people for privacy and enhance the standard of living on the luxury, are more willing to buy rather than leasing. For those who need to wear on the body, most people may still do not want to share with others. The more private, the more important, the more reluctant to share with others.

From the business model, the current shared wardrobe and shared bag mode for the B2C and B2B2C. The former refers to the platform of self, clothing purchased by the platform, and then rented to the consumer, which refers to the business cooperation settled, direct docking clothing brands and consumers. In fact, no matter what kind of model, in the current low awareness of people, and the platform is too small size of the case, the former platform will face self-financing and cost pressures, which will face the brand side and supply chain On the pressure, both need to bear the cost of purchase, logistics costs, cleaning and maintenance costs and storage management costs, and the need to dock more brands, shelves more popular models, including cooperation with the laundry factory, and even self-built clean center, but Revenue is nothing more than leasing income. But if the cost of investment is too high and the rental income back to the slow, once the capital chain breaks, the risk immediately appeared.

In short, whether the two categories are suitable for sharing is worth discussing, the problem is obvious, on the one hand, the choice of rental pricing is very important, the rental price is too expensive, people will be more inclined to buy, for example, because clothes, bags are easy to depreciate, after sharing many times, ther will be more and more old, time is longer, the more difficult to share out, businesses and platforms need to meet the trend of constantly new products.

For the brand business, one-time sell in order to meet the needs of rapid profit and rapid return of funds, and if the depreciation of the clothes do not go out and their own rental frequency has not been back, it will lead to huge inventory, financial pressure and waste of resources, and then affect the brand side of the cooperation demands. Moreover, the front said, the more design to the privacy of the items, the more people tend to private rather than sharing. If people in this demand point is not just need, after fresh, the user is easy to fall into the phenomenal consumption of fatigue, with time going by, the user activity will continue to decline.

At least the more people pay attention to quality of life, the more reluctant to share with thousands of people with the same piece of clothing, with the same bag, which is not a decent upgrade under the form of decent life. It is like that many people are more or less for the hotel towels and towels will have a sense of conflict. After all, the sharing of such items is not a psychological problem, but about health and quality of life.

For platform operators, the user growth curve is related to inventory pressure and cost pressures, which implies a significant risk. In the end, clothes, bags and other categories are suitable for sharing that is open to question, michael kors online outlet and the more possible situation is that sharing clothes, bags may end with the the same end of the umbrella, after a gust of wind, disappeared.

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