17/18 autumn and winter handbags conference comprehensive analysis - focus on color

Comprehensive analysis
Seasonal profile profile greeted, luxury colors favored, many innovative colors and more classic winter colors have appeared.

Winter white
Winter before the snow is a single sport in the trendy colors, and now developed into a considerable commercial attractive important color, simple and elegant. Patent leather, smooth leather and refreshing silhouette more enhanced this bright color, cloud white and gray also appeared.

Metal silver
Metal silver to the trendy single product adds futuristic color, so that the classic style glow new, making the winter dress sooner or later Safe. Light silver in the direction of the metal color to dominate the reflective material of this tone attractive.

Honey powder
Honey powder began to become the season this series of more striking feminine color choice, different colors, both soft colors, but also pink rose powder, and further consolidate the Paris conference through the beautiful romantic theme. Gorgeous velvet and satin material with this color, more enhanced the romantic atmosphere.

Alternative yellow
From the acid powder color and light sun color to the luxury ocher and orange, this novel color began to become eye-catching bright color, to the personalized accessories and shoes to add vitality and warmth. This color will become a seasonal trend of individual products personalized choice.

Bright color combination, so that 17/18 autumn and winter series is more amazing. Contemporary color together, emphasizing the sense of contrast, there is no color rules at all. Saturated sky blue, apple green, bright orange, purple, scarlet and emperor purple is to create the vitality profile of the important colors.

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