Someone can't make hot style for a lifetime, he casually do a package that was robbed of mad

Why should he be so easy to make a hot bag but you can't? What do you do when you're bored? Needless to say, in nine cases out of ten, the phone was taken out, and the glory of the king was taken, and a few funny video, the latest hot spot on weibo, the "boring" moment was filled in. But what disappears with boredom is the possibility that you create value. In life there are too many fragments of time space, most people choose to pretend to be busy with mobile phone, michael kors wallet sale but there is a little elder brother Anton from Sweden Sandqvist, creating the idea of doing a bag for himself when he is bored. Not only did he make it, he was, he even created Sandqvist, a brand of the same name.

Anton Sandqvist was originally an ordinary mechanical engineer, usually occasionally like to do their own things, including brass lamp, coffee table, kitchen sink and so on. In 2004, he was tired of day-to-day work, like to try him, decided to use the existing sewing machine at home, handed to do a backpack. Surprisingly, when he was carrying his own bag out, many people asked him where to buy. So he went back and tried to do ten bags and sold them to the retailer. Unexpectedly, his package accidentally fire up, Anton decided to create the same name brand Sandqvist.

Everyone knows that creating a brand is not a easy things, but why he do a package for himself not only can also be a fire, but also set up a brand?

First, advanced minimalist design. Walking in the street is always easy to drown in a similar bag and quarterly popular style. Hit the embarrassment of the package does not say that such aesthetics is not only boring, but also easy to out of date. Was born in 2004, Sandqvist ten years ago began a minimalist design, michael kors collection but the cold, very simple wind began to scratch in recent years. Have to say that Sandqvist's design is ahead of it. This is the source of the very simple style of the Nordic relationship, but also his own understanding of minimalist life. Most people only know the "less is more" minimalist rule, but do not know what is minimalist life. Minimalism means streamline your life and remove unwanted redundancy. For example, the closet piled a lot of clothes, wearing only a few pieces, but could not bear to throw away anything else, and even feel that they may still wear, but in fact 99% of people will not touch those clothes, but interfere with your choice, and even affect the promotion of clothing. Reason that all understand, but few people can do it, because it needs the ability of "give up" . And "remove everything unnecessarily, leaving only the most important design." is Anton's implementation of Sandqvist design. He understands simple, does not mean simple. In the minimalist on the basis of the wind, Anton designed a number of different styles and series, and even will use some of the more dazzling color to meet the work, school, travel and other different needs.

Second, good use experience. Looks like a ticket, a good experience is the "fire" key. Because of simplicity, there is no extra design, detail and texture are essential. Large to use the fabric, as small as a design of the buckle, have put a lot of thought. Sandqvist's purses and purses are made of tanned leather, tough and durable, with the use of time longer, michael kors purse sale it will slowly leave their own traces. The canvas is made of untreated cotton canvas, the sun will show the texture of the tannins. This simple and intentive design will not be chasing the "trend" of the fast-selling products, but the impact of "fashion" classic. In addition, Sandqvist has an internal repair shop. Sandqvist repair shop not only provides maintenance services for bags, but also gives you your second design of the package, getting a new Sandqvist package. If you do not want it, you can also get back here to get a coupon. Back to the package here, you can repair the second-hand package which will be re-designed for sale. Can not be reworked, parts will be removed as a spare. But more importantly, Sandqvist reflects Anton's peaceful attitude towards life. Anton is very fond of outdoor sports, from fishing, mountain climbing, hiking to cycling, skiing, skating, nature for him, that is the best place to vent their own thinking.

Anton's love for nature stems from his growing environment. He grew up in a small village in Sweden, Glanshammer, where there are only a few hundred people, forests and lakes are everywhere, life is slow and interesting. Glanshammer is the starting point for Anton to explore nature and the place where Sandqvist is established.

People who love nature always have a peaceful heart. Sandqvist has been almost profitable for almost six years, michael kors purses clearance relying on Anton's original work to maintain. But calm attitude of life, not quick success, probably are Sandqvist's ultimate success of the reasons. Life is so, fashion is no different. Not anxious to chase "fashion", that should be the attitude to become "fashion" .

There are a lot people who are always shouting boring. In the eyes of bored people, life is stereotyped, learning is boring, work is boring too, nothing to do is very boring, everything is boring. But in fact, boredom is the result of self-selection. Some people in the monotony of life to find fun, some people in the boring life flies more boring. Fashion is the same, monotonous dress, to meet the public tastes, michael kors purses outlet to meet the "trend" of the trend, looked very boring. Maybe we can not make a package like Sandqvist, but we can choose that "fun" package.

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