LV 2018 early spring series bag details, look at this is enough!

Louis Vuitton 2018 early spring vacation series in Japan, Japan, the United States show art museum release. This early spring series Louis Vuitton continues to take us to exotic fugue, from the natural and urban integration of Japanese-style aesthetics to get inspiration in the modern world and ancient civilization, in the future and poetic, in the city and nature between the advance and retreat, change freely.

Louis Vuitton's exotic fugue, French "life art" portrait show. The devout and respectful nature of nature exudes the spirit of mountains and trees. Will be the ultimate modern embedded in the endless natural landscape, beautiful show Museum can be described as one of the leaders.

Evolution from tradition to modernity is the subject of this series. Designed everywhere in the Japanese elements to express a sincere respect. Garment clothing in the Japanese samurai, the traditional sculpture, ink landscape, celebration costumes and martial arts Kendo shadow, but also can not help but think of black Ze Ming-style film drama aesthetics or North wild weapons sad lens.

Well, the clothing series in a lot of media have introduced, are very beautiful, here is not one by one introduced. In order to quickly and effectively let you see the latest bag fans, we directly into the bag to see it! ~

Or just familiar with the Twist, but in this year's Yamamoto fasting design, added his own good at using a variety of exotic patterns. Everywhere reveal the antique Japanese design elements.

Not only that. But also the use of exclusive Yamamoto broadly karaoke art design style. Coupled with the popular elements of the two years of the splicing elements and rough chain. So that this bag is full of exotic at the same time also caught the popular points. Bags and handbags are decorated with antique karaoke mask.

In this year's surprise, it is this only bucket bag friends. Never-ending rivets and LV classic inverted triangular clasped with the body of the body of the design of elements of the body, although it is a small one, but it is full of full of devotion with respect to nature, With

LV 2018 early spring series of bags, are so beautiful, is not it a little heart? First mind in the scheduled style, and then spend half a year enough money, you can start to buy it!

2018 spring and summer ladies luggage trend theme prediction - dancing youth

"Dancing youth" focus on increasingly blurred age boundaries, and youth is not to see your age but a state of mind, design respected individuality and self-expression, different elements here eclectic mix together.
With the rise of the Z generation, X generation and baby boomers of the behavior more and more young, life is longer than the previous generations, the concept of youth is no longer fixed, different age elements mixed, the rules were broken, Constantly confident new style emerged.
In the design of the accessories, the various elements together, with the nature, unexpected details, showing a customized DIY style.

Color plate
The theme of the color embrace the youthful vitality, from electro-powder color such as artificial yellow to darker dark, such as plum red and other colors have a lot of ways, complementary combinations such as the United States blue and light blue, light lavender and popular powder , These break the conventional combination of people soothing, a series of metallic color to bring luster, highlight the fun.

Modern gorgeous wind
In the "dancing youth" under the theme, everything is so bright and dynamic, supplemented by a unique personalized DIY design. The early 90s of the club can bring us inspiration, combined with high gloss surface, such as satin and reflective metal and colorful colors, inkjet processing or flashing decorations.

Interesting fetish
Subversive fetish shape once again subverted, Z generation on the basis of the interpretation of a more light, fun style. Binding style cage structure for bags, hardware hardware is the focus of the details, whether it is buckle or zipper and metal, the use of plastic surface or a series of electro-toner color.

Art style
The art world has become the focus of fashion design focus, no matter what age people are advocating style, a large number of leading fashion people at the forefront, creating a more liberal style, sculpture-like shape and bright colors, Using a more striking bold proportion. In the components and surface patterns show DIY style.

Cultural integration
X generation and Z generation of consumers from their own age to obtain their own needs, cross-era to become the theme of this feature, exquisite design and self-confidence, which unique details, exaggerated proportions and subversive elements and high-end materials and more subtle The perfect blend of structured details.

Michael Kors camera bag design also Kazakhstan, the new bag carrying Korean culture stunning stunning, Christmas back body is simply fashionable to fly!

Michael Kors is pleased to announce the launch of the Korea-limited SCOUT camera package, launched at Seoul's flagship store to celebrate the grand opening of the flagship store.

South Korea limited the camera package perfect blend of MICHAEL KORS design concept and Korean characteristics of culture, together with metal stars decorated on the bag above, and there are 6 different cartoon decorative stickers available for selection, in the full display of Korean popular culture at the same time , To provide customers with an exclusive opportunity to design their own camera bag.

MICHAEL KORS hands with Korean popular model Irene Kim shooting video blockbuster, fashionable Irene Kim personally DIY DIY SCFE camera bag, walking in Seoul street alleys, blowing the Korean culture and brand JET SET life concept in the The perfect presentation in the video.

LV, Gucci ... ... 2017,2018 big bag first look ~

Concerned about the fashion of the little fairies are sure to know ~ this time each year, while watching a variety of beauty of the high set show, while you can focus on the major brands of new products
6, July is the big show 17 autumn and winter new or 18 spring and summer new products, all kinds of bags at this time on the shelves, followed by Xiaobian together, the first to pass the eye addiction it

Dior this year's high set of big show man to burst Xiaobian long legs fairies who attack a face in the high before the show, fairy brand Dior Blues night activities in the release of the brand limited edition Lady Dior "Dior moon" series.
Bag is Dior classic Lady Dior as a prototype to the mysterious ancient astrology and astronomy as inspiration, with gold, silver, blue silk show the meaning of the profound moon, stars, constellations and other patterns, revealing the mysterious sense of noble The
Dior China brand ambassador Angelababy this is only the trumpet "I feel blue" limited edition, while "I feel blue" is the theme of the Blues night, show the mysterious star river scene
Wang Luo Dan's this is only the number of "Astronlogy"
Zhao Liying this is only the trumpet "moon" series, saying that really and star child ride, because the star moon cp banner never fall ~
Then introduce Dior's fried chicken, "J'ADIOR" "-" I really Dior "series, it is not the name of the package, but contains shoes, handbags and so on a series of single product, the designer clever will own The feminist declaration into the bag, clothing, jewelry, in the elegant without losing attitude
Japan issued cherry hand painted Dior, the integration of the Japanese cherry elements, the whole bag is full of spring sweet atmosphere

CHANEL last season, the hottest bag non-Gabrielle stray package none other ~ this bag to Ms. Chanel's name, showing the importance of the brand
Unique double chain, whether it is shoulder or hand are very chic, almost half of the entertainment actress are back it ~
The new release of the 2017 advanced hand Square series, add color at the same time, an increase of weaving, rough and other elements
There are rumors that Gabrielle is likely to be 84 old Lafayette in Chanel's last IT Bag, so the degree of hotth can be imagined. In addition to the most common square models, a small bucket bag is the most will sell a quick break, a small body super cute
As CHANEL's number one VIP, big cousin not only has a number of color square wave bag, the bucket bag also gathered 2
The next thing to say is CHANEL 2017 autumn and winter models to astronauts and space as the theme, to CHANEL girls open space trip. Blue and purple sequins decorated, not only embodies the mystery of space, but also broke the black section of the calm, increase the sense of lively and lively.

Louis Vuitton
This summer, a small package and a wave of fire ~ LV2018 early spring show field on the emergence of the old section of the package
Is probably held in Japan show, show field is also no lack of Japanese style, such as the emergence of a large number of kabuki mask package models, the most unique eyes are all kinds of hit rate greatly reduced

Gucci style in recent years is also very obvious, all kinds of flowers and birds and insects embroidery, following the small bee tiger snake, Gucci embroidered in the bag
And in the fall of 17 years, also introduced the velvet section of the GGMarmont

Many of the big names have their own iconic design, chole's iconic design is its ring, this season's new Pixie series is the circular element to the extreme
Round bag body, coupled with the ring of the portable design, as well as curved pattern decoration, the whole bag bulging Meng Meng, cute to not
As well as the most suitable for concave shape Nile series, curved Baoshen design sense of this season is out of a lot of new color models

celine impression is the personality of the cold brand, simple and stylish design, the most important thing is very wild
The latest season is a breath on the new hundreds of bags, the new Frame series, both calm and dark models, but also bright color hit the color models, with the recent popular wide shoulder strap, back is definitely street shooting One of the most dazzling
Simple style is Celine's classic style, which Box is a minimalist design representative, although the shape is simple, but really Celine home explosion to buy can not buy this year, autumn and winter models to increase the number of color, color, a variety of soft Meng Girls, but also a lot of rare leather models

Feeling another reason for chop it? Do you still manage your wallet?

Trends in New Trends in 2017

2017 popular bag style you know it?
Observe these big bags, like the United States and the girl found their common ground,
That is popular mini bag this year
Then follow the United States girl to see it ~!

2017 spring and summer Dior launched the bag can be said that the girl full of heart. Dior may be the first ushered in the first female designer Maria Grazia Chiuri, design style from the female perspective, the new quarter of the bag is full of exquisite feminine.
Dior new quarter of the bag a lot of styles of shoulder straps are used to deal with large, with the delicate box bag match, bag also carved the Tarot style above the pattern, with exquisite style.

Gucci bags recently began to take the charming line. Color with more vivid, the pattern is also more meticulous, prominent features.
For the designer after the Gucci, recently changed for endorsement - handsome shaking, which makes a lot of sister for the circle of powder.
2017 spring and summer theme is "magic lanterns", whimsy design so that the bag is more full of sex. Gucci and illustrator Jyde cooperation, bag pattern from the illustrator art, really very hard ~

Impression has been quite lawful Coach, in 2017 combined with the United States punk, rivets, designed to be full of cool.
2017 new quarter of the bag mainly to explore the relationship between punk and American culture, so it is not difficult to understand the chain of bags, rivets cool decorative ideas.
In addition to the cool punk style, Coach in the new quarter of the bag also joined the retro old-fashioned design, as well as flower elements, retro and with a little lively.

Valentino in the previous period of time on the Internet high heat, sought after by the sister, 2017 Valentino design can be said to be small and exquisite, really is too small, the small may only pretend a lipstick, but meticulous design, Exquisite mix and proportion let everyone want to buy!
2017 spring and summer new bag is a creative director of the designer Pierpaolo Piccioli launched the first quarter of new products, the new quarter of the bag will be a very light way to show the feminine beauty and romantic ideas. Mini bags may also lead a new round of fashion trends, so refined into a part of life.

Every few years, Bohemian wind will be popular once, not only because it comes with colorful elements of fashion, but also because it has always been the interpretation of women's freedom and lazy classic model.
Chole's new quarter of the bag continues the Bohemian style, and launched a new series of Nile Bag.

Nile Bag series is very interesting this year, mainly mini, semi-circular handbag with metal ring handle, but also as a crossbody bag (Messenger bag) is not only beautiful and practical, pocket metal pendant for the bag plus points , The color also has a variety of options, can be any with clothing.

The new quarter of the Fendi bag value is very high ~ to the modern Luo cocoa wind as a source of inspiration, light, delicate, delicate, complex are reflected in the Fendi2017 spring and summer series, bag shape sweet and lovely, practical ribbon ribbon on the shoulder strap as a decoration , Full of feminine. The main sand and ice with the bow tie to highlight the city dream girl heart.
And the first quarter of the first quarter of the Dotcom Bag series of small design, I believe can also be welcomed by the sister.