What cloth do the bag in the cloth okay?

What cloth do the bag in the cloth okay? A good bag, not only need a good style design, but also need a good quality! I believe in the eyes of the majority of beauty, the bag not only to the trend to look good, and the quality must be decent. Although the bag with the problem should be a lot of women headache things, can be more troublesome, bags used in the cloth also spent a lot of thought.

How many clothes do the bag in the cloth okay?
Because the cloth is able to reflect the quality of a bag of the place! The lining of the material and variety of many, the general bag will be used in double-sided cloth, mainly because of its softness and permeability, it is in line with the skin touch. Although the feeling of the grade is relatively low, but there will be some brand bags business like to use double-sided cloth to print a variety of patterns, this grade up. And why the double-sided cloth is popular? Because compared with the general cloth, it has a good silky touch, so very popular with businessmen!

Do you have a bag in cloth?
But Well, if only double-sided cloth, then the bag's three-dimensional sense is not displayed! Because the fabric is very soft! So you can choose to take double-sided cloth to do the surface, and in which a layer of canvas to do more inside, so that the bag will be more stiff.

You ask me why love to buy a package? To be honest, I do not know either

Since the study of the online shopping, I enjoy the fun of shopping, while suffering from the disappearance of money struggling. Haha, pain and happy!
Afternoon rest, browse on the page, read a page and a page of the bag, my colleagues saw me: "You want to be crazy, and buy a bag. You are a bag control." Haha, maybe it! Last night I had wanted to buy a bag on the Internet to my mother, but did not buy, but gave himself to buy one. Today on the page to browse, unwittingly and look at the bag. Looked and looked, and felt that we liked this likeness, too, and there was a lot of bag in shopping cart. Of course not all buy, go home or to re-screen.
About me to buy bags of this matter, her boyfriend has been very supportive, because my things is too little. A large standard box can put all my things are loaded: four seasons clothes, underwear, socks, bags, cosmetics, plus shoes. After buying N, the boyfriend to see me in the online browsing bag, surprised to ask: "You have to buy a bag?" Although asked, but he felt as a woman, my bag is not enough! He said that every woman at least five pairs of women, high heels, flat heels, sports shoes, boots. Bags at least 16 or so to match out. He seems far better than I understand the needs of a woman.
Yes, I admit that a woman has a natural preference for the bag. Bracelet is wrist between the shaking style, then the bag is the arm of the swing of the gas field. A long time ago saw an article, said the psychologist found: handbag can give women a greater degree of self-confidence and security, put on a beloved bag, obviously make women more practical and more confident The I did not like the original bag, but my coat has a very convenient, very comfortable pocket, daily must be found in the pocket. Now I started with a bag, but also with the mood and clothing at any time change! Every time to go out, to accompany in the side is not necessarily girlfriend, not necessarily love, but absolutely a bag.
Initially, what is the woman's bag? "Purse" or "sachet" and the like, what was installed before it? Is there anything else other than spices? Since ancient times, these things have a soft spot for these things, Wang Xifeng because of a counterfeit purse will go to the front of Mrs. Wang cry. Until now, women are the same, for a long-standing brand-name bags in droves. Now what is the ladies' bag? Cosmetics, Notepad, Key, Wallets, Is there anything that is different?
I have a good friend, will bring a lot of things in the bag, so her bag particularly sink, I asked: "loaded bombs? So Shen?" She opened in addition to a woman's essential goods, there are documents, information The There are various cards: bank cards, beauty cards, membership cards for each mall. And even have: Swiss Army knife, Band-Aid, cotton swab, vials of alcohol and carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and so on. I asked: "Do these have to take?"
She shook her head and said, "I do not have it, but I will not be able to find it when I do not take it.
"No law." I said.
"So I have been with him, even if I do not need it, and I will be able to use it," she added.
My bag must have a purse and a key. Someone asked: phone? My cell phone is usually in the pocket, do not put the bag. Bag inside will be due to different time there will be napkins, umbrellas, lipstick, lipstick. Later boyfriend bought me a comb, a small mirror. I see the bag is too messy, and re-buy a small bag, these small things are placed inside the packet, so the bag appeared on the bag inside the case of small bags.
Bag for women in addition to decoration and storage, the more of a feeling. Men are asking why women are like to buy a package? Bought so much to buy? The reason is very simple, in my opinion, the woman's expectation of the package is equivalent to men's luxury car. In the case of economic conditions permit, have a car want a cross country, with a cross-road feel less sports car. Fortunately, the type of car is not much, if the car and the same package price, it is estimated that the rush is a man. Some people say that the woman's package is equivalent to a man's table, in fact, now more and more powerful mobile phone, the table was almost eliminated, but there are still a lot of men willing to wear a table. This is a small part of the habit, the vast majority is installed, and the same package function. But the package inside the "loaded" is something, and the table "loaded" taste and temperament.
There is also a package that is an experience. The bag records the experience of the study; the travel bag records the record of the trip; the briefcase records the growth experience. Some bags, great, probably because often back, so there are already wear, scratches. But still retained, because the memory is left, is to read. Some bags, very small, very expensive, attend the occasion is not much, once a year with a time, coupled with gorgeous clothes, on the inside of the wardrobe, usually can not remember. But every time they take up as treasures. This is a beautiful dream, memories are happy. There is also a package, the most practical, when can be. Travel, work, shopping multi-functional package, like lovers, do not look good, but it is necessary, lost and pity.
Each bag is carrying a woman too much dream and look forward to, every bag is a woman's dependence, frustration or when needed, can be found from the bag you need something. To meet the woman sometimes only need a small handbag only.
What does a woman's bag symbolize? Sometimes women themselves are not out of the general. So men do not ask why buy a package, asked also asked white. Because the woman himself is not clear things, how to explain to you?
Oh? The Can explain! Only two words: need! Or want!

2017 bag fashion trends - 4 strokes let you pocketed the rate

2017 autumn and winter four fashion week has been perfect ending, as always, over a hundred fashion brand conference new out of the nest, each have the style. Many top brands Christian Dior, Celine, Chloe, Valentino, etc. did not let fans disappointed, once again to create a surprising autumn and winter series. Show the field, in addition to clothing to attract attention to the shape, the hands of the bag to take the same grab the limelight, after all, ladies for the type and practical bags are full of desire.

This year's autumn and winter fashion week, handbags and materials on the color are very interesting, many brands also continued the spring and summer hot handbag life, and now together to see 2017 handbags fashion trend bar.

Autumn and winter bag trend: stacking ride
If you do not want to hit the package, then follow the major brands together to play a stack of bags of the game bar, more than two bags together, do not have some fun. This year's show this bag on the package stack wave also blowing very Sheng, mini wallet take a variety of capacity of the bag, neck bag + hand bag, etc., full of tricks.
Fendi's bag is no mini size, but made the feeling of stacking. Which is a more with a ring buckle, three different size of the bag together, novel and full of personality.
Brain hole open Gucci play on the stack of fun, a series of bags, a code show off their wealth. Messenger, hanging neck type, pockets style have, look at each of them are also remarkable.

Autumn and winter bag trend: double shoulder belt
Double shoulder strap in this year's bag is also very popular elements, if joined the wide shoulder strap even more fashionable, Christian Dior, Fendi have also launched a long shoulder strap staggered bag, both diagonal, can also be used to hand , Whatever you want.

Autumn and winter bag trend: ring elements
Ring elements once launched on the fire to no, whether it is shoes, clothing or bags, with the metal ring on the moment chic up. And this year's popular way to get the bag is to get steady, bracelet design is the most representative of the metal ring. Especially Chloe, simply put the ring play bad, for several quarters of the bag are ring elements dominated.

Autumn and winter bag trend: Big Size package
Large number of handbags a few quarters have been a few popular items, such as Celine tote, the Celine also did not let the melon people disappointed, the new package after another, capacity has been walking "kind" line.

Autumn and winter bag trend: fairy bag
With a variety of fairies, girls wind prevails, of course, bags have to keep up with the rhythm, fairy brand Valentino this season's package is still good to see cry, and fairy and beautiful.

a classic properly with cut that will make tall plus slim men seem fabulous

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Realistic to people can not bear saliva food bag! Avant-garde fashion, attractive!

Novelty bags and other jewelry that we have seen a lot, the most classic than Moschino launched that section of McDonald's potato package, since the advent of potato chips after the release of those personality package quickly hit the fashion circle. And recently the Netherlands has called Rommy Kuperus designer, actually created 70 balance of food-inspired handmade wallet. From pizza, cookies to meat sauce, cake, etc., each one can not help but swallow water. Do not think that these wallet can only see, it may be installed a lot of things! Later, the designer for each bag shot with a large fashion, modeling or avant-garde or dignified, regardless of multiple sex food bags can be used as a good ornaments, the following quickly with us to see these delicious The bag of it

Purple and bright powder hit color, round shape.

  1. Yogurt oatball
    Blue and white combination, with light blue skirt.

Ham pizza
Seductive red pizza color, with elegant tight red dress.

Seductive yellow powder pizza color, with elegant light pink skirt.

  1. strawberry Melaleuca cake
    Three-dimensional square red and white cake, with asymmetric elegant lotus leaf black dress.

  2. raw beef
    A little funny raw beef plate, and wide legs with body pants with personality independent.

  3. Donuts
    Classic round, and suits, skirt with a good shape, the focus is to use a good color.

  4. Cheese fries
    Red fur shawl with lazy fries holding the bag, is definitely the focus of the party.

  5. Three ball ice cream
    Ice cream with yarn dress, classic girl line.

  6. Cheese
    Three-dimensional triangle package, different combinations of yellow with a sense of vision.

  7. Chocolate Bean Cookies
    The use of good cake on the color, in the clothing on a reasonable color match.

  1. Creamy cake
    As long as the use of good cake on the color, shape how much cake can be harmonious digestion.

  2. Cookies
    Orange and purple, avant-garde color combinations

  3. Apple kernel
    Apple bag may have a lot, but the bitten apple is absolutely rare!

  4. Lollipop
    Girl's lollipop and woman's high heels.

  5. Vegetable burritos
    Green and red, because the semi-round vegetable pancake pack becomes fashionable.

  6. croissant
    Purple and orange hit the color of the original avant-garde.

  7. Cheese sandwich bread
    Red jam and red coat cute echo.

  8. Bacon pizza
    Green leaves and green blouses are also a lovely echo.

  9. butterfly face
    Much like a beautiful butterfly-style decoration.

  10. Sushi rolls
    Small sushi bag, and Meng and fashion.

  11. Mango pie
    Brown dignified and cute mango faction just neutral.

  12. Pancakes
    If you put too many things, what is the pizza holding up?

  13. Makalon Cake
    So matte finish color, like the girl's friends must love turned!

  14. Sweet tube
    Go to the playground must be with such a sweet bag, the atmosphere was enough.

  15. Spilled coffee
    For coffee friends, this spilled coffee must be very interesting.

26.Nutella Chocolate Sauce
Do not know maybe you really think you are mentioning a big jar of chocolate sauce!

  1. strawberry cake
    Such a big one, who is bite it?

  2. Sweet Orange Cream Cake
    Sexy lace socks and gloves, and ultimately the lovely cake embellishment.

  3. Meat sauce
    Cute meat sauce and red and green clothing together with the appearance.

  4. Omelette
    The idea of ​​fried eggs has always been a lot of friends like.

  5. Almond biscuits
    The color of the biscuits is so tempting that it must have been baked!

  6. Strawberry Chocolate Cake
    Lifelike to drool, so want to bite!

  7. dishes on the plate
    Carrying such a bag, hungry when it is not hope to worry about it?

  8. sandwich
    Elegant sexy clothing, and then a fast food sandwich, this is not enough fashionable?

How about the next time do not want to try to come with a delicious bag to do with it?